Welcome to Bainbridge Island Farms/Suyematsu Farms! 

Our Farm has a long and unique history. The Suyematsu Farm is one of the oldest on Bainbridge Island, Washington, and has been in almost continuous operation—with the exception of the Japanese American internment during World War II—for almost 100 years. 

The Suyematsu family originally raised berries and product. In fact, they were known for it! In the 1930s, they put Bainbridge Island on the map as the strawberry capital of the Pacific Northwest! As Mr. and Mrs. Suyematsu aged, their eldest son, Akio, took over the farm and eventually expanded into growing pumpkins. 

Karen Selvar, the farm’s current owner and operator, started picking berries for the Suyematsu family when she was just 9 years old. She would continue this seasonal work on the farm through her teenage years. After finishing her education, she came back to Suyematsu and worked for Akio as his apprentice. 

In 1991, Karen started her own farm on the property in the Manzanita community of Bainbridge Island and named it Bainbridge Island Farms. At the same time, she continued to work for Akio, eventually managing operations. After Akio passed away in 2012, Karen took over operation of Suyematsu Farm and merged it with Bainbridge Island Farms. 

Karen is a third generation Bainbridge Islander and is dedicated to ensuring the preservation of Bainbridge Island’s rich farming history. Throughout the farming community, Karen is known and respected for her commitment to growing her crops at Bainbridge Island/Suyematsu Farms in an ethical and sustainable way. 

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